Superior Glue Down Vinyl flooring

EchoWood Superior Glue Down Vinyl flooring requires self-levelling screed and a glue application for a permanent installation.

Because the vinyl plank flooring is durable and moisture resistant, it can go anywhere.

Flooring composition and colour
Composite vinyl is made up of several layers. It has a layer of vinyl, a layer of PVC, a filter layer, a decorative layer and a layer of clear vinyl on top to protect everything.
• 10 years Residential only
• No Commercial grade warranty
• Superior Glue Down – 5.05m2
• 18 Planks per box
Do not install vinyl floors in areas exposed to direct sunlight, unless protected by sun control film, blinds etc.

Colour selection

Please note that our product samples provide a more accurate colour than online photographs and printed collateral.

Endless advantages to the EchoWood Superior Glue Down Vinyl flooring range

  • Water resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and resilient
  • Hygienic
  • Soundproof
  • Cost effective
  • Slip resistant
  • NanoSilver TechnologyTM
  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimal maintenance and no underlay required
  • International SGE, SE quality certification
  • Expansion and contraction rate is less than 0.09%
  • South African Vinyl Association quality approved
  • Warranty: 10 Years residential only

Product specifications and technical data

Size  Thickness and wear layer: 4mm / 0.3mm   

Technical data

Type and compositionPVC Laminated floor covering
ApplicationResidential and light commercial
Surface treatmentPU and anti-bacterial per design
Surface profileMedium embossed
Tile size230mm x 1220mm
Total thickness2.0mm
Wear layer thickness0.2mm
Fire ratingEN 13501-1 | Bn-S1
ASTM E 648 | Class 1
ATSM E 84 | 75 or less
Mekel burner test | Pass
Heat stability0.3mm / 0.01”(80℃+2℃, 6hr/hr)
Abrasion resistance0.1% Loss
Slip resistanceExceeds ADA requirement
Static coefficient of frictionDry: 0.72 (≥0.50) | Wet: 0.67(≥0.50)
Residual indentation≥6
Colour fastness≥6

Stain and chemical resistance (KSM 3802, 24hr exposure)

95% Ethyl Alcohol0Soy Bean Oil0
Nitric Acid 70%1Hydrochloric Acid0
Cement Paste0Lubricant0
Sulphuric Acid 96%1Kerosene0
10% Ammonium Hydroxide0Coffee0
Methylene Chloride2Sesame Oil0
Soy Sauce0Acetone2
Acetic Acid0Ketchup0
Nail Polish Remover2


Width × Length Content per carton
mmPCSsqm (m2)
230mm x 1220mm185.05

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